Qualifications & CPD


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Yoga is a life-long journey and wherever I go I extend my knowledge and understanding and yet discover more that I don’t know yet. Below you will find a skeleton of formal training I have undertaken. Around it imagine a colourful garment of other courses, workshops and retreats (too many to list them all here!) and you will have a fuller  image of the variety and enthusiasm of my involvement.

April 2017                 TeenYoga Teacher Training with Charlotta Martinus from the TeenYoga                                         Foundation

May 2015                 Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training with Fine Balance Yoga

March-July 2013      Ayurvedic Pulse Reading with Ayuseva, Brighton

Feb 2013                   Training for Introductory Workshops for Sadhana Mala Teacher                                                  Training Courses with Ranju Roy from Sadhana Mala

Oct 2010-May 2011 Teaching  Yoga to People Living with Cancer with Julie Friedberger,                                                  London

2008-2009                  Teaching Yoga to Children with Marc Beauvain from the Yoga Healing                                              Foundation

2006-2008                  Sadhana Mala Yoga Teacher & Therapist Training with Dave Charlton                                           Ranju Roy   (Accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and the                                                     Association of Yoga Studies (ays). The course is also recognised  by                                     the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) where I am                                       registered as a yoga therapist.  

1993-1996                 Yoga Teacher Training with the Life Foundation School of Therapeutics,                                           Bilston


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