Individual Tuition


Developing a Personal Home Practice

IMG_0074xWhereas group classes are delivered once a week to suit a general situation individual tuition is geared towards developing a daily home practice addressing your individual needs and aims.  This allows the teachings to be tailored to the abilities, needs, life circumstances and goals of each individual student. Together with regular, independent practice at home this creates the most rewarding and effective way of practicing yoga.

Even though in our day and age we are more accustomed to group classes individual tuition reflects the way that yoga was traditionally taught. It places each student and their needs and expectations firmly in the center of their yoga practice.


What may motivate you to have a personal home practice?

Every individual has different needs and expectations as to what they may want from a yoga practice. Accordingly, each person’s yoga practice will be very different and could address one or several aspects such as

  • maintaining and improving your health and vitality with safe, appropriate exercise
  • relaxing and invigorating after the day’s demands
  • releasing stress and alleviating problems that may arise from stress
  • managing specific health conditions
  • developing resilience for the many mental and emotional challenges in our lives
  • developing focus and a clear mind
  • improving concentration
  • improving sleep
  • creating a positive relationship to your body and breath
  • improving your breathing
  • encouraging a state of mindfulness
  • exploring a new avenue for self-reflection and personal development


How does it work?

IMG_0091There will be an initial consultation for me to understand your needs and what you hope to get from a personal yoga practice, the life situation that you bring to it and any health issues that may influence, or direct, your practice.


IMG_0071From this starting point we will work out an appropriate practice that you are comfortable with and which integrates easily into your everyday life. You then take home a written plan of your practice with the aim to practice independently on a daily basis.


104_0357The practice may include a number of postures, some breathing exercises or elements of relaxation and meditation. Mindfulness and personal reflection will always be an integral part of the yoga practice.


Generally sessions will take place at 4-6 week intervals for us to check in, adjust and move forward. If you are new to yoga it may be beneficial at the beginning of your journey to meet fortnightly to make sure your practice is safe and you feel happy and confident in it.

Many students continue to have regular lessons on a long-term basis, choosing to adopt their yoga practice as a steady support to skillfully negotiate the many ups and downs of everyday life.

Here’s what a Personal Home Practice Plan may look like: 

practice plan


click on the image to enlarge




All you need for a Personal Home Practice…

104_0316is a little space at home to spread a blanket or yoga mat, a willingness to begin the journey with an open mind, perseverance and a little patience with yourself and your practice. Any change will take a while, and small changes over a period of time are the most sustainable!




Individual yoga sessions cost £35 per hour.

5 sessions are recommended to allow the practice to evolve and unfold its effect. If booked in advance 5 sessions cost £160.

Please feel free to discuss with me how individual tuition might work for you.

For more information on how to begin this journey please download my brochure ‘Yoga Practice for Everyday Living’ by clicking on the picture below:

download brochure (PDF)


My Professional Experience

CNHC_Registered Quality Mark Web versionI am a yoga therapist registered with the Complementary National Healthcare Council (CNHC), the governing body assuring the quality of training and professional service given by complementary therapy practitioners.

I have particular experience in supporting people with cancer, mental health problems, anxiety and depression, ME, fybromyalgia and back problems.out

To find out  more about my professional background and continuing training please click here.

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