Coping with Physical Illness

Many of my classes are attended by people who live with physical difficulties such as back and knee problems, hip problems, hernias, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, Parkinsons and ME. If you are having to manage any physical conditions and feel that yoga may not be attainable for you, surprise yourself – there is always a way to practice yoga and enjoy its benefits.

In my classes there is absolutely no pressure to achieve any particular body shape – any posture has  a variety of modifications and each one of them is appropriate in many circumstances. It is up to me as a teacher to help you find the way to practice that is most appropriate, enjoyable and beneficial to you; and it is up to you to give me enough feedback to allow me to do that and to be comfortable to be simply yourself.  It is after all your unique journey.

‘Yoga is a gradual process of recovery, maintenance and improvement.’                                       TKV Desikachar, ‘Health, Healing and Beyond’, page 128


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